It’s a thrill to be writing!!

Starting a blog has been a goal of mine for a couple months, but as I’ve waited for the right time to start, I have also struggled to find words to begin. I have been writing since I was nine, an avid reader longing to find expression for all the words inside. It began with childish copies of the historical fiction I couldn’t get enough of. As I grew older, I found my niche in biblical fiction, inspired by the writings of Francine Rivers and Terri Fivash, and of course, the Bible, which has been my ultimate lifeline and remains the backdrop for the majority of my stories. Over a period of nine years, I was writing pretty consistently, finally getting a novel down on paper (working on editing the final stages.) The past year, my writing has suffered a lull, a timeout while I got my first job, got married, and then moved out of state with my husband. But my goal for this blog is to provide myself with a small amount of accountability so that I can get back into the swing of writing regularly and hopefully encourage someone in the process. In addition, it is my hope that writing from my heart will increase my regular times with the Lord.

The moment I gave the idea over to Him in prayer, the words came easily, and I experienced greater joy in the process than I have in a while. I have no idea where this journey will lead, but anyone interested in coming along is more than welcome!


2 thoughts on “About Jubilee

  1. Jubilee! You are such an amazing writer! I went to add you on FB And noticed your post about your blog so I checked it out. I really like the what you wrote on raising children unafraid! That was so full of faith filled insight! Great work!!

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