Featured Fun Facts

Face photoToday, I felt like writing, but didn’t know exactly what to post–something that unfortunately happens way too often for me. ūüėČ

So I thought I would share a few fun/unique facts about myself…well, 20 things, so you can get to know me a little. It should be fun. So here we go.

  1. When I was about 10 years old, I would write journal entries and address them to myself!
  2. From the time I first heard River dance when I was little,  I have been captivated by Irish music. It still has the power to either make me cry or want to get up and dance.
  3. When my friends and I played Pocahontas as kids, I was always John Smith haha.
  4. Never had a pop-tart until I was in college. Thanks, “healthy snack bar!”
  5. At three years old, I prayed with my mom for a pony ride, and a pony literally showed up at our door a few hours later!
  6. I get so excited in bookstores, I probably burn calories because my heart pounds so hard!
  7. I never enjoyed or watched Disney movies as much as I do now.
  8. My¬†first “crush” that I can remember was Han Solo.
  9. Joseph is hands-down my favorite Bible story (other than everything about Jesus)
  10. I was saved as a young child after seeing the “Jesus film”–told my parents I wanted to give my life to Jesus.
  11. My historical family background is delightfully varied, including, but not limited to German, Hungarian, Sicilian, and Irish.
  12. Four foods that literally elevate my mood and cheer me up: pasta, popcorn, fruit, and milkshakes.
  13. Just recently, I almost cried while crossing a mile-high bridge in the mountains…not a heights person.
  14. Breakfast is probably my favorite meal…cereal, eggs, bacon, pancakes, sausage!!!!
  15. I love thunderstorms
  16. From the¬†ages of 9-12, I tried to write my own little knock-offs¬†on American Girl stories. I called them Great Girl stories. ūüėČ
  17. My favorite book as a school-aged kid was A Little Princess. 
  18. Hiking and running are my two favorite forms of exercise, since I haven’t danced in a while.
  19. I have visited Israel: I saw the cracked mosaic floor of Pilate’s bathhouse, walked the Via Dolorosa (the path Jesus took through Jerusalem to the cross), and stood on the steps where Jesus preached–the whole megillah!
  20. I still have my childhood stuffed animals and dolls…they’re in waiting for my future children.

I may add some more another day, but this was fun! Thanks for tuning in, everybody!


Paper Wings

Paper airplanes

Are childhood dreams


Spun and bent and folded

All at home.

Crisp and new-white blankness

Creased into points and edges

For flying.


The yard is a launch base

The pond is an ocean.

The road is a canyon

For crashing.

But no one minds that.


No one minds the crooked wings

The lopsided dips and rolls

Nose-diving midair.

All anyone sees

Are determined paper birds,

Sunlight spinning off their wings.